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Arka Communication deals with many services like Influencer Marketing, Product Campaign, Review Campaign, Content Marketing, Digital Marketing, PR Campaigns & many more. Since its inception, the Arka Communication has always been a top-notch service provider in all grounds of its domain likewise Influencer marketing.

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SMS marketing (short message service marketing) is a technique that uses permission-based text messaging to spread promotional messages.

Many delivery platforms allow for easy segmentation and management, so the most relevant text messages can be sent to those who are most likely to convert. It’s also preferable in that it tends to be less expensive when compared to other methods of distribution, making it a cost effective mobile solution.

Meme Marketing is all about unfolding your Brand’s communication/campaign goals in the form of Memes, giving the Meme campaign a focussed directionby strategically distributing objective driven memes through the Indian Meme Society which caters Millions of Youth daily.

Arka Communication uses the Meme trends that keeps the Indian youth sticked to their screens were created by none other than Indian Meme Society.

Professionally written product reviews are always in demand. Every eCommerce company tries to present best of products or services. Professional reviewers evaluate your products or services from all angles.

Arka, we as a professional reviewer think out of the box to create comprehensive reviews to highlight the various differentiating features besides the key benefits of products or services offered.

Content is at the core of computerized media. Specialized mastery has a basic task to carry out in distinguishing how innovation and online is disturbing the digital scene and what advertisers can react with.

Arka Communication, we help structure problematic yet powerful procedures and configurations that work at the necessary pace and extent to unite the best abilities of the digital landscape and disrupt built up methods of significant worth creation.

Programmatic advertising is the use of automated technology for media buying ( ad spaces on website &applications ), as opposed to traditional methods of digital advertising. Programmatic media buying utilizes data insights and algorithms to serve ads to the right user at the right time, and at the right price.

Arka Communication is a demand-focused mobile ad tech company and our mission is to fuel digital advertiser’s growth by connecting their products to the right audience through programmatic buying.

Arka believes, influencer marketing is the concept of engaging key individuals to leverage their influence among friends and family, word-of-mouth marketing is the actual avenue by which this communication takes place.

Influencer marketing drives :

Attracting new customers
Increasing repeat purchases
Driving customer loyalty
Maximizing customer lifetime revenue